Space Autographs

Space Autographs

Space signed items have without doubt seen the best investment potential of all signed items over the past ten years. The value of some has risen by many times during this period, with some Neil Armstrong signed photos now fetching £1500 up. Our first ever Neil Armstrong autograph was purchased over 20 years ago for just £25 !  If you wanted the same one now i would need to charge you at least £1000 for it !

We have had the very great pleasure of meeting no less than 7 of the men who have walked on the moons surface, and many others from our years arranging signings with them during our time organising the Autographica events. Many of the items we list here have come from those signings, or similar events we have attended in the USA.

We have a larger stock of space items than we show on here, so if there is anything that you would like, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We are also always very interested in buying any signed space items.

We also list a number of Autopen signed NASA lithos, which we know some people collect. These are good for reference and any collector should have a couple in their files to at least learn from, as its all too easy to make the mistake of buying an Autopen signed item instead of a genuine signed item! And we now have an excellent guide on Autopen signatures on the site, so do please take some time to read it.

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