World Cup 1966

World Cup 1966

It was certainly our geatest ever football moment, and from what i can see is unlikley to be ever be repeated. I don't claim to be anything of an expert when it comes to football, but all the time our clubs buy in foreign players rather than concentrate on home grown players, then we have no chance of repeat success.

The 1966 players are not too hard to find as many of them have done various signings both public and private. The show we started 'Autographica' was the first to have some of the players to an event as paid signings, so most are easy to locate. Despite this there are many multi signed and even single signed fake signatures around, many of which have come from one well known forger, and many multi signed covers sold via local auctions, many of which include Bobby Moore.

Bobby Moore is the hardest one to find in authentic form, but we always have a few in stock, which are not always on the site. We normally also have both the full team and Bobby Moore as framed and glazed displays as well, although we do not list these on the site, so please call.

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Gordon Banks genuine autograph signed piece 6x4 white card UACC. AK1307

Gordon Banks signature piece. Small 6x4 white card. Gordon Banks OBE (30 December 1937 – 12 February..


Bobby Charlton genuine authentic signed 6x4 card COA UACC AFTAL. AK1142

Sir Bobby Charlton signed 6x4 commemorative card with details on back. Former English midfielder who..