Quick Opinion Service

Quick Opinion Service

Not sure about that signature you have recently purchased? Need a second opinion? We offer a "Quick Opinion" service for any item you may wish to buy (or have already purchased) on ebay or elsewhere. This service may help to put your mind at rest about buying something you have seen elsewhere. IMPORTANT! Please read all of this page before mailing us about any Quick Opinion or authentication you may want us to carry out. And please, we are unable to offer valuations or help on the phone, so please use email only.

Perhaps you have already purchased an item, or require a valuation or authentication on an item that you have bought elsewhere, been left in a will or perhaps found in a drawer? This article might help you decide!

If you simply want a 'Quick Opinion' on any item, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and select the correct payment. It does not matter if the item has recently ended, purchased on ebay or another site, or has been found in a skip! as long as we can see some decent images we can still check it for you. See below for further advice. Please note that we do not offer full authentication on signed shirts or clothing of any kind or 3D items for instance (boxes, balls etc) simply due to the logistical issues associated with such items, although we will in most cases still offer opinions on signatures on those items.

We only offer full authentication after you have used our Quick Opinion service, as this saves both of us time and in many cases money as well over 50% of the items shown to us are not authentic. Any fee paid via Quick Opinion is deducted from any full authentication taken later.

Our 20 plus years of full time dealing and authentication work with other dealers, Trading Standards and the Police, give us an unrivaled edge when it comes to giving an opinion on any autograph. We don't just 'claim' to be experts in the field, we officially are 'experts' having had our expert witness testimony successfully used against rogue forgers and sellers of fakes, and have the experience to not just be able to determine the good from the bad, but also to be able to give you guidance to help you try and obtain a refund if needed. Here is one such example.

There are many similar sites on the web, all claiming to have expert knowledge and years of experience, but how do you know if what they say is true?

  •   Do they have FULL verifiable contact details on their sites?
  •   Do they tell you exactly who they are? 
  •   Do they give you examples of their experience?
  •   Can you trust them?
  •    Or will they simply take your money, offer you a nice laminated COA and say your item is genuine, without even seeing the item in the flesh?

We can offer you expert guidance, authentication and valuation on almost any signed item you may have purchased elsewhere or may be considering as a purchase. We can also offer appraisal of you own collection for disposal or probate etc.

If you want an item fully authenticated (not just a Quick Opinion service), this is how it works. You will first need to use the Quick Option service. This will allow us to make contact, see the item and give an initial judgement on the item. Then, assuming we believe the item to be authentic, we can move on to the next step. But please note that we do not accept certain items for full authentication, Signed football shirts, balls or boots or any modern football stars, some contemporary film and TV stars, 3D items such as Funk Pops and similar. The reason for these vary but its mainly down to certain signers not being consistent signers, and the logistics of the packaging etc. We also do not accept items  from outside of the EU due to import duty issues. 

When you send in an item for full authentication (and only after the Quick Opinion) we will then check the items on arrival for obvious fake or traced and printed signatures etc. If they fail this first hurdle, we will issue a PayPal invoice for the cost of Special Delivery return postage, plus a basic fee of £5 per item to cover our time. On payment of the invoice, the items will be correctly packed and returned to you by Special Delivery.

If we need to spend more time on them to make a determination as to authenticity, then we will continue researching, and then confirm to you the total cost and upon completion will then send a PayPal invoice for the previously agreed total fee. Upon payment the items will be returned by Special Delivery. Items will be returned with our full letter of authenticity and valuation if that was requested.

The cost per signature can vary dependant on many things, but expect a minimum of £24.99 per item (plus £10 if a valuation is required) although we will give you a firm price before you commit to anything. 

Please also note that we will not authenticate or value items via a scan or photo. This is clearly open to fraud, and with the large amount of printed and machine made signatures around, it is almost impossible to tell these from the real thing from an image alone. Only an idiot would authenticate autographs via scans, and only a fool would accept an authentication on that basis, but do a search and you will find people offering this service!

And in case you are wondering, the Muhammad Ali signed item shown is not authentic, and is actually an Autopen signature often offered by some as genuine. It may look real, and the photo has certainly been signed with real ink and a pen, but it was signed by a machine and not Muhammad Ali himself.

And despite what some experts might tell you, or what you may have read elsewhere, every Autopen signature is not exactly the same. So beware! This is just one example of the many that fool collectors and even dealers on a daily basis. Others include the various Winston Churchill letters (we now have a comprehensive article on these on this site), David Cameron, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Autopen signed items, and many others, all of which have been created to fool you, but are often seen being sold by some sellers on a daily basis.

If you want to know how to avoid these kinds of fakes, and learn more about autographs in general, why not read some of our guides, you might be surprised at what you might learn! 

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