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Signed Guitars

Signed Guitars

We have many other signed guitars in stock, but have simply not had time to get them out of storage and photgraph them. Most are signed scratch plates only, as its not easy to lug around a guitar to get signed!

Please do call us if you have any questions. Please also be aware that there are several websites offering signed guitars and all manner of other music signed items, all of which are fake. If you see all the top names Rolling Stones, Who, Clapton etc, fully signed guitars, then run a mile! 

To give you some idea of their true value, a Rolling stones or Pink Floyd signed guitar would sell for around £3500 up at any decent auction, which is why that Rolling Stones signed guitar you have seen at that wonderful website offering every name under the sun for just £995 is not authentic!

SOLD Stereophonics signed autograph guitar. SOLD

SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. A  full size Encore acoustic guitar in blue and clearly signed in silver by The Stereophonics to which they have added the date it was signed, plus 'Have a Nice Day' a..


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