We only show links to sites that will be helpful to you as a collector. If you are going to purchase any item from any dealer who makes any claim to belong to any Association, then always check that they are members first. Some dealers will claim to be members of Associations, when they are not, others will even make up an Association to give them more credibility. So always double check any claims, and if you can't confirm their membership with the Association, or find that the Association does not exist, or appears to perhaps only have one member, then simply avoid them!

Universal Autograph Collectors Club.

If you are looking for more information on autographs or UACC Registered Dealers then click here. You will also find some usefull signature studies on the site, as well as news of shows, UACC events, and of course the very usefull Hall of Shame!

Autograph Fair Trade Association.

The only Association that monitors its dealers, has an online complaints procedure, and has a If you want to se a complete list of AFTAL Approved Dealers, then click just here.

Autograph Collectors Against Fakes

This was a group of collectors who compiled a list of dealers they knew and trusted. You could not buy your way into this group, so if your dealer was on the list they must be pretty good, and yes we were on the list, but the group has been disbanded for various reasons, mainly due to the interference of ebay on the ebay forums and community pages. If you are an ebay user you will have noticed that ebay is no longer a "community" of like minded buyers and sellers, but simply a place where big brand names offload their stock whilst the small seller gets ripped off by ebay and their fees! 

 Laurel and Hardy.

The most famous comedy duo of all time, and their signatures and signed photos are always in demand, but beware! there are many forgeries about, and this site can help you avoid them. Click here for best Laurel and Hardy site. You should also check out our various guides, each of which could save you a small fortune. We do our best to stay one jump ahead of the tricks used by forgers and scammers, and you should always remember that their skills are often better than yours, and that all they really want to do is get that money out of your hand and into theirs! 

Storage of your autograph collection Part One and Part Two. 

You will now find both of these articles now on this site as a PDF download, and if you have not read them yet, then you should, as you probably do not realise the damage that your current storage system is doing to your autograph collection!

An experts guide to investing in autographs for the beginner.

A guide based on my customers and my own experience, to help you with putting together a collection that will have some value in the future. But do make sure sure you store them safely! Click here.