Investment Autographs

Investment Autographs

Collect - Invest - Enjoy!

That is what collecting should be about, so we have listed here some of the items we believe have genuinely good investment potential. We are not going to quote you a London Dealer price, or spout a load of hype about some overpriced 'rare' autograph, just offer some good honest advice! 

These are mostly those items that cost us more each time we need to replace them, and those that are always in demand, which proves beyond doubt that their price is on the increase.

Buying for investment, means buying at the right price and at the right time, and then selling at the right time to get the right price! It does not mean buying worthless soap stars, or over hyped items just because they look nice, or because it is highly priced!

You should always buy names that are known the world over, people that have achieved something significant, and in the best condition that you can afford. If they mean somehting to you and the item will also give you pleasure, then that is a bonus.

To enable you to buy items which are priced right, and have good investment potential, we are now putting together some packages that contain signed items which we believe will only increase in value as the years go by. These items are not framed or mounted, and by putting these together as a package, we can keep the cost to a minimum, which means that your investment potential is greater.  

If you would like us to put together a package for based around sport or Film/tv, then just give Garry a call on 01634 830062 and he will be able to discus putting together a collection based around your budget.

And don't forget that we also offer a layaway service too. This means that if you cannot afford that ?300 item now, then simply pay a deposit now and pay the balance off over the next three months, interest free!

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The Standard guide to autographs and collecting Mark Allen Baker UACC AFTAL

This book is recommend for the newcomer to autographs. A stack of pages (over 600!) containing all m..


SOLD Tracey Emin iPad erotic sketch 2013 print signed authentic autograph 1

A 15cm x 21cm signed iPad print by Tracey Emin. This is one of the set of 5 that were sold..


Cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Bykovsky authentic signed autograph image 1 COA A782

A 10" x 8" b'w image of Valentia Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky and signed by both in silver marker...


Cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova Bykovsky genuine signed autograph image 3 COA A766

A 10" x 8" b'w image of Valentia Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky and signed by both in silver marker...


Peter O'toole genuine authentic signed autograph display with photo. OB771

A 16" x 12" photograph double 3D mounted in acid free board with an engraved metal pl..


Alan Ladd genuine authentic signed autograph display with photo. OB770

A 16" x 12" photograph double 3D mounted in acid free board with an engraved metal pl..


SOLD Mercury John Glenn signed autograph photo space.

An 10" x 8" colour photo of Mercury Astronaut John Glenn and clearly signed by him in fine blac..


SOLD Sean Connery James Bond genuine signed authentic autograph photo display COA UACC

A 25cm x 20cm photo double 3D mounted in acid free mount board, together with an album page sig..


SOLD Tracey Emin "But Yea" limited authentic signed autograph signature print

A  50cm x 70cm limited edition print and signed by Tracey Emin in silver marker. These wer..


SOLD Tracey Emin iPad sketch 2013 print signed authentic autograph set of 6

A  set of 6 15cm x 21cm ipad prints each one is signed and adted by Tracey Emin. This is a full..


SOLD Tracey Emin genuine signed authentic print 2016 "You Loved Me Like A Distant Star"

A Tracey Emin signed poster 'You Loved Me Like a Distant Star' 50cm x 70cm still rolled in tube exac..


SOLD Paul McCartney Beatles genuine signed authentic autograph CD COA UACC

An original CD which has been signed on the outer sleeve by Paul McCartney in black marker. Signed a..


SOLD Muhammad Ali genuine authentic signed autograph boxing glove. SOLD

SOLD. A full size boxing glove clearly signed by Muhamad Ali in the years when he could still sign h..


SOLD. Jim Clark Lotus signed autograph photo display

SORRY, NOW SOLD. A  fabulous display featuring a 20cm x 33cm b/w image of Jim Clark in the L..