To be fair "Art" is not an area that i know a great deal about. Much of it just seems to be rubbish that anyone could have put together, some obviously created by someone with talent, but whatever you think about it, their signatures and doodles are always in demand.

We do not keep too much in stock, but i am always on the lookout for any small David Hockney signed items, and the odd piece by Tracey Emin, Peter Blake etc. These have all proven to be both good sellers and a good investment as well.

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SOLD Tracey Emin iPad erotic sketch 2013 print signed authentic autograph 1

A 15cm x 21cm signed iPad print by Tracey Emin. This is one of the set of 5 that were sold..


Peter Blake Beatles genuine authentic signed autograph photo COA AFTAL UACC A189

A 10" x 8" image of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album  cover clearly signed by Peter Blake in black..


SOLD Tracey Emin "But Yea" limited authentic signed autograph signature print

A  50cm x 70cm limited edition print and signed by Tracey Emin in silver marker. These wer..


SOLD Tracey Emin iPad sketch 2013 print signed authentic autograph set of 6

A  set of 6 15cm x 21cm ipad prints each one is signed and adted by Tracey Emin. This is a full..


David Hockney "Little Boodge" signed authentic autograph print COA UACC AFTAL A946

A 28cm x 41cm print on heavy card "Little Boodge" originaly produced i believe to support a Gallery ..