Muhammad Ali guide.

Muhammad Ali guide.

The Collectors Guide to Muhammad Ali Autographs.

Muhammad Ali is without doubt the most popular and well-known sporting personality ever, and as a result his signature is in constant demand from collectors and fans the world over. With this in mind, is it so surprising that his signature is forged so often? Because of this, it has become almost impossible for the uneducated to be able to obtain a genuine signature, without ending up with a dud!

With Ali's sad passing now is the time that the sharks will be out on ebay with the fakes! so be very careful, and do not fall into the trap of simply buying something because it has a COA or the seller states that they got it themselves in person. I offer a very simple "Quick Opinion" service for any Ali item, its only ?6.95 and can save you thousands of ?'s !

I am probably asked about his signature more than any other, and it is one that i have grown to know very well over the last 20 years or so. So that i can pass some of this information onto others, i have created this guide. I have kept the collector in mind, and not the expert, and as such it is not meant as a signature study, but a guide with some instruction as to what may be real, so that you can more easily spot the genuine article within the autograph market and then safely buy. It includes many examples of signed Ali items that have been through our hands during these years, and i am sure will prove to be a very worthwhile addition to any collector or dealers library. 

We are fortunate that Ali has spent much of his life devoting time to signing his autograph for fans and collectors, and for this we must all be very grateful. Anyone who has met him will confirm that he was indeed the greatest, especially when asked for an autograph. His signing habits are well documented, and have been mentioned in a number of books about him. During the late 80’s and early 90’s it was possible to simply write to Ali, and he would write back with an autograph. Today that is impossible, as he has officially not signed anything for some time.

Anything signed by Ali has only gone up in value over the last couple of years, and will continue to do so, although there are some exceptions of course!

If you have ever seen the image on the right, known as the 'Champions Forever' signed image, you may be interested to know that they are fake, and produced in their thousands and sold to collectors all over the world. If you have ever read or know anything about the FBI 'Operation Bullpen' then you will certainly recognise them, and even know who signed them! It was certainly not the people featured on the image! The same person also did multi signed gloves as well and his Muhammad Ali signature is often seen on items on ebay and elsewhere.  

Read the full unexpurgated version by clicking here.

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