Churchill facsimiles.

Churchill facsimiles.

A guide to the printed facsimile letters of Sir Winston Churchill.

Look on ebay and you will find them available on an almost weekly basis, check out you local auction house and you will possibly find one there to, you can even find them at the less knowledgable dealers and certainly some antique markets, what are they? signed Winston Churchill letters, but sadly they are not worth the high price tags attached, as most are just some of the many thousands that his office sent out during the many years that he held a post in one goverment dept or other.

I am afraid to say that if you have found these pages, then its likely that you may also be looking at a printed Winston Churchill letter too! I have a number in my own collection, and i have to admit that when i found my first one i thought i had struck lucky too. But sad to say that after 10 seconds with the magnifying glass and a quick call to someone who knew more than me about these things, my joy turned quickly to disapointment. Yes, the signed letter was just a printed facsimile, and one of probably thousands that had been sent out from his office, and one of many hundreds that i have seen since.

This article sets out to show you some of the different versions of these printed letters, and tells you what to look for so that you don't make the same mistake that i almost made. If you have only paid ?20 for one, then you have a bargain, as they are still very collectible, and by having one to look at, you will always now be able to spot others, and won't get caught paying ?500 for an almost worthless copy!

Be sure to read this one, it could save you a fortune!

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