Film Autographs

Film Autographs

Probably the most popular genre of collecting, but it does encompass many different areas, Star Wars, Horror, Comedy etc, so we have a number of different categories available.

If you can't find what you want, do please contact us as we may have what you need. We do not make a great effort to stock the big name A list celebrities, although we normally have some in stock, but this area is so rife with fake signatures being sold on ebay and elswhere, that it is hard to make the right price for these hard to obtain signatures.

Despite what some websites might tell you, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson etc do not spend night after night signing photos for collectors at venues around the world, and when they do sign, the numbers are limited and therefore the value is high, and not the £10 to £30 that some people will sell them to you for. When you see people offering items at 99p start on ebay, you realy do need to ask yourself why!

The biggest mistake that most collectors make is buying a signed item simply because it comes with a nice COA and guarantee that the seller obtained it themselves in person!  Does the COA have their full contact details (as ours do) do they belong to any recognised trade association (as we do) and will they still be around in a years time when you find out its a fake? (we have already been in business selling autographs full time for over 25 years!).

And yes, you did ask the seller if the item was authentic, and they said yes, but then ask yourself, what else would you expect them to say?