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  • Quick View Opinion Autograph Service for any item with one signature.

All UK orders are Post Free!

We ship to almost any country any working day of the week, so in most cases your order will be 
dispatched at the latest the following day. All Orders sent signed for and insured. Just call this number now to place your order.

01634 830062

All international orders (that is any country!) are a simple £9.95 per order, and all orders are sent insured and signed for.

We man the phone normally between 9am - 8pm weekdays and most weekends, but we do sometimes take a tea break, so if we don't answer your call imediatly, please try again later!

All orders are securely packed using plastic sleeves and board back envelopes marked ‘Do Not Bend’ for photos, and boxes, Jiffy bags or tubes for others. All items no matter how costly are insured, and most sent signed for, so if you have a problem with a delivery, then we will do our best to help sort out the problem. If it goes missing or gets damaged, then you can be sure that we will either replace or refund.

If an item does not live up to its description, then we are happy for you to return it within 14 days for a refund, provided that you contact us first, and the item is returned in the same manner and condition in which it was dispatched.

If you live local to us, or are in the area, then you can collect personaly provided that you make an appointment first as we are not in the office at all times, and some stock is held elsewhere.

Your invoice price includes VAT at the current UK rate.

Our VAT number is 946 2146 20

We are more than happy to accept your order on the phone, and we man the phones Monday to Saturday inclusive for most of the day. If we don't answer the phone its probably because we are having lunch or a cup of tea, so please call back a little later. We are not Amazon and we don't employ people just to answer the phone, but we do pay our fair share of tax though!

Order line...01634 830062 
Can't afford to pay for that desired item right now? 

Then our Layaway service may be just the answer!

Any item over £100 may be put the aside for you on payment of a deposit. The deposit and balance of payments will be worked out with you dependant on what you are buying, but can be between 3 months and 6 months.

Once the deposit is paid, we will remove the item from sale, and keep it for you until the balance is paid in full. Deposits are non refundable, but should you change your mind, you can use the amount to pay off another item.

If this item is over £100, then simply contact us and subject to agreed terms we can put this item aside for you today.

Be assured that the item you receive will be of a far higher quality than the images shown. We reduce the image quality as too many fraudsters were simply downloading the images and then selling copies on ebay! All of our items are covered by our 14 day no quible return policy should the item not live up to your expectations.

Each item is sold with our own item specific Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. Each COA has our full contact details and guarantees a full refund to the original purchaser should any item be found to be anything other than stated. Each COA carries our full contact details (beware any COA that does not!), numbered hologram and is signed and blind stamped to help prevent even more unscrupulous sellers from copying them (yes they will even copy the COA's!).

Don't like the price?

Perhaps you would like to buy a number of items?

Or perhaps the item you want is priced a little lower on another dealers site? 

We believe that our prices are competitively priced compared to any other AFTAL or UACC dealer, however, we all like a deal and if you would like to contact us directly with details of what you would like to buy, then we may be able to make you a better offer.

Quick View Opinion Autograph Service for any item with one signature.

  • Not sure about that autograph you have purchased?
  • Unsure about the dealer or website?
  • Just need a quick yes or no as to authenticity?
  • Think you have been sold a fake?

Then this is what you need. We offer a 'Quick View' yes/no opinion via email only for any item you may have purchased or want to purchase via a website or elsewhere including ebay. This is for an item with one signature only, please see other options for items with multiple signatures. Provided that you can provide us with the website etc and some decent images of the item, then we will give you a yes or no as to whether the item is likely authentic, PLUS any tips regarding the purchase which may include its market value. Please do not send images as screen grabs, only send links to sites, items numbers etc, so that we are able to view all the details in full. 

PLEASE NOTE. we can only offer this service via email, we cannot authenticate items on the phone, and we only offer this service AFTER you have paid! Once you have paid for the Quick Opinion you will need to send us good quality images of the item and signatures, plus as much information as you have about the item, where purchased, website details etc, the more you can tell us, the more we may be able to help you. 

Our opinion is based on over 20 years of full time autograph experience (plus over 15 years exprience on ebay), and in most cases we can give you our opinion within a few hours (but please allow for the time difference between countries!). We are not a company that is unknown within this business, we don't make unproven claims as to how good we are, nor do we hide who we are. We are very well known amongst all UK dealers and know what we are talking about, and our claims can be easily checked.

Any opinion is given directly by the owner of Autografica, Garry King, a very well respected name within the autograph business, and one with more full time experience in dealing with autographs than most. Garry has provided expert witness testimony for both the Police and Trading Standards, written many articles on autographs, and been written about by both local and national newspapers and magazines. It should also be noted that this is an opinion service, and any opinion should not be considered as an 'authentication' which can only be done by seeing the item itself.

Garry has also been featured on The One Show, Inside Out, and The Real Hustle, and has also been featured as the expert on two edtions of Fake Britain about fake autographs for the BBC. Garry has also filmed for editions of Pawn Stars UK and Posh Pawn and Posh Pawnbrokers as well as a recent edition the BBC program Rip off Britain.

For each item submitted (you will need to email us full details of each item) you will receive by return, normally within 12 hours, or much sooner if during normal office hours, a Yes or No answer as to whether you should consider buying based on its authenticity, condition and price, plus any tips that could be of use to you, including a value where possible.

You can buy one opinion or a multiple number at a reduced price. Our opinion will be based on many things, but what you can rely on is that our opinion is based on many years of experience, both on eBay, with other dealers, and with our work with both Trading Standards and the Police.  

If we cannot give you a positive answer due to time restraints or for any other reason, then we will refund your payment.

If you use our opinion service, and you should go ahead and buy the item or require a full authentication, we will deduct that fee from any further authentication service you take with us. We do not have a fixed price for full authentications as some may take much longer than others, but our prices start at £29.95 and this includes a full letter of authentication signed by Garry King, and will include an insurance valuation as well if requested at a extra cost of £10. This will not only add value to your item, but will also make it easier to sell and ensure that if the item is lost of stolen, then you will be able to make an insurance claim as well.

Please note. We do not authenticate football shirts, boots or balls or 3D items such as Funko Pops or items that are framed unless removed from the frame.

Just click the box, pay via card or PayPal, and then email us the eBay item number for our quick view opinion. PLEASE NOTE To keep the cost of this as low as possible we are unable to answer questions or offer this service via the phone, so please do not call, only email.

Quick View Opinion Autograph Service for any item with one signature.

  • Brand: Garry King
  • Product Code: 02-12287
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.95

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