An items authenticity should not be based on a COA or some story that suggests the seller got the item in person. A COA is only as good as the seller is honest, so if the seller is not being honest, then your COA is likely worthless, so never assume that a COA "guarantees" an items authenticity, because i have been called as an expert witness with numerous court cases where the sellers issued COA's, and every one of them has been found guilty of fraud!

Autografica were voted UACC dealer of the year in 2000, and were presented with the UACC Presidents Award for Quality in 2006. We are known by most UK dealers and many of those from ourtside of the UK, and have been dealing full time in autographs for over 20 years. Can you say the same about 'Superduper Autograph Celebrity International' on eBay or elswhere?  

Autografica were also the founders and and original partner in the ‘Autographica’ (note the different spelling) autograph event for 8 years, and have been featured in many local and national newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as the TV shows 'The One Show' ‘The Real Hustle’ ‘Inside Out’ 'Posh Pawn' Pawnstars UK' 'Posh Pawnbrokers' and 2 episodes of 'Fake Britain' as well as a number of smaller pieces on local news channels.

We have given expert witness testimony for both trading standards and the Police, which is used in court against the many dealers who ‘pretend’ to be experts but are really just confidence tricksters out to take your money. And all of this can be checked with a few searches, the latest such case being this one!

When a dealer states that they are members of any association, you should always check them out to be sure. For instance, If they say they are a member of the UACC or AFTAL this can (and should) easily be checked on the list of dealers at the relevent websites. You may be surprised to find that some dealers actually lie about this! So the next time you want to buy something signed, check out the dealer first, and not the fancy talk or COA’s they offer, it could save you a small fortune! In particular, when anyone states that they are a UACC Dealer, always check that they are, as most are only members and not registered dealers, and you can find more about this on the UACC website. Registered Dealers are all listed on the website, but members are just that, and are not allowed to use the name or logo to promote sales etc, but some do to simply create the impression they are reputable dealers, so beware!

As a customer you should ask yourself this "if i was a dealer in autographs, would i not want to show the public that i am both honest and trustworthy by joining one of the two best known trade associations?" I think your answer would be yes, so why are some dealers not members? Keep in mind that both associations only have a list of dealers that have joined, and not one containing the names of those that have been refused!