Apollo Autographs

Apollo Autographs

Space signed items have without doubt seen the best investment potential of all signed items over the past ten years. The value of some has risen by many times over just the last few years alone, with Neil Armstrong signed photos now fetching from ?1500 up. 

My favourite subject next to motor sport! We do have other items in stock, so please call if you cannot see what you want. If its Armstrong, then i rarely have them to put onto the website, as he is in so much demand, but do call, you never know.

We also normaly have available sets of all 12 moonwalkers, Armstrong, Aldrin, Conrad, Bean, Shepard, Mitchell, Scott, Irwin, Young, Duke, Cernan, and Schmitt, in both dedicated and undedicated form. These sets start from ?3999 and offer good investment potential. 

We are also able to put together other sets as required, Mercury seven, Gemini etc.  

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Apollo Sy Liebergot signed autograph photo 3 A759

A 10" x 8" b/w photograph of Sy and Fred Haise at the Houston control centre, clearly sign..


Apollo 15 James Jim Irwin genuine authentic autograph signed image. A779

A 9cm x 5cm card with details of the Apollo 15 mission and the pencil mark cross that has been made ..


The Standard guide to autographs and collecting Mark Allen Baker UACC AFTAL

This book is recommend for the newcomer to autographs. A stack of pages (over 600!) containing all m..


Al Worden with Dave Scott signed photo. A788

A 10" x 8" b/w photo of Al Worden with Dave Scott, clearly signed by Worden in black marker to ..


Al Worden WSS Apollo genuine signed autograph photo COA UACC A790

A 10" x 8" colour photo of Al Worden in his white space suit, clearly signed by Worden in fine black..


Apollo 15 crew photo signed by Al Worden A787

A 10" x 8" colour photo of the Apollo 15 crew and clearly signed by Worden in black marker..


Alan Bean Apollo 12 authentic genuine signed autograph postcard COA UACC A750

A 10cm x 15cm colour postcard of Alan Bean with US stamps and Cape Canaveral postmark and clearly si..


Jim Irwin Apollo authentic autograph postcard image COA AFTAL A758

A 10cm x 15cm colour postcard with stamp and cachet signed by Jim Irwin in fine black marker.&n..


Walt Cunningham Apollo genuine authentic autograph signed FDC. COA UACC AFTAL A741

A 16cm x 9cm FDC with Merritt Island postmark, clearly signed by Walt Cunningham in black marker. Al..


Apollo 12 Alan Bean signed autograph bookplate A747

A 8.5cm x 11cm colour bookplate (unused and mint) for the Alan Bean book, 'An Eyewitness Account' wh..


Alan Bean Apollo 12 LMP genuine authentic autograph signed photo. A748

A 20cm x 25cm photo clearly signed by Alan Bean in blue marker to which he has added his missio..


Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 genuine authentic signed autograph display COA UACC OB773

A 20cm x 25cm colour image double 3D mounted in acid free mountboard with an authentic signature of ..


Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin genuine signed authentic autograph photo 3 A752

An 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by Buzz Aldrin in silver marker.  All our signed ..