About Us

Autografica is owned and run by Garry King. UACC Registered Dealer 179, and AFTAL approved dealer 02. Garry has been the UACC Ethics Board member for the UK, as well as being both Chair and Vice Chairman of AFTAL. Garry was joint winner of the UACC Autograph Dealer of the Year award in 2000, was also awarded the UACC Presidents Quality award in 2006, and was voted by its members as AFTAL Dealer of the Year in 2011. 

Autografica started in the late 1980's as a by product of Garry's collecting habits, and became a full time business in 1993 when Garry finally sold his then retail business. During these past 20+ years Autografica have become one of the best-known autograph dealers in the UK, and now have contacts all around the world. Garry has attended all the relevant UACC authentication and appraisal courses both here and in the USA, as well as organising and running a very succesfull AFTAL backed course for dealers and collectors here in the UK.

Garry also started the well known 'Autographica' event (note the very slightly different spelling) with UACC RD Dave Phillips, the first event being in Northampton in 2000. The event soon became the largest of its kind in the world, but the online autograph business at Autografica needed more time, so the share of the event was sold to Showmasters, and it continues under their guidance to this day. 

Autografica now supply items to customers all over the world both trade and retail, and are one of a very small number of people whose expert testimony is accepted by courts in autograph fraud cases. We also offer authentication help to other dealers and auction houses in the UK.

Autografica have been featured on many local and national radio and TV stations including the BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ (twice), The Real Hustle, The One Show, Pawn Stars UK, Posh Pawn and two series of Fake Britain with Dominic Littlewood, the last one featuring a recent court case which you can find here).

Radio includes many local BBC and independant radio stations, Chris Evans Drive time show, The Steve Wight show, Venessa Feltz show as well as local and national papers and magazines, including the Times, The Guardian and a 4 page spread in F1 magazine.

Before you leave this page, we would like to offer you a few words of advice regarding buying autographs via the internet, and in particular at online auctions.

There are many sellers who make claims to be the "UK’s leading dealers" etc, and will often talk about "only buying from UACC or AFTAL dealers" or perhaps "having excellent contacts within the film/music/football business" but we urge you to treat these claims with extreme caution, and where possible speak with other known UACC Registered Dealers (not members) or AFTAL Approved Dealers first, and find out just how "well known or well connected" they really are! 

If they are as well known and well connected as they say, then they should surely be members of one of those groups, and would certainly be known to most of the other autograph dealers around the UK. If they are not, well, make you up your own mind!

If they claim to be a member of either AFTAL or the UACC, then you should check this out at either of the two association websites, as all UACC Registered and AFTAL Approved dealers are listed for public viewing. You may well be surprised to learn that not everyone who claims membership of these associations are actually members!

It should also be noted that anyone can join the UACC as a member, but not as a Registered Dealer. You can easily check to see if anyone is a Registered Dealer with the UACC or AFTAL simply by going to their websites. If you cannot find their name on the dealer list, then they are not Registered Dealer members! The UACC do have a collector membership, but it is important to remember that members are banned from using the UACC name or logo to sell or offer for sale or trade any signed items, so be very wary of anyone who makes these claims, because they are well aware of this breach of the rules ans so you must ask yourself why they do it?

There are other Associations that collectors can join, but these are for collectors which means that anyone can join! 

One last thing, when considering buy any item or service from any website, always check the contact details first. It is a little known legal equipment that anyone offering items for sale or a service, MUST have their full contact details (full geographical address and phone number) on the site for all to see before you make any purchase. 

This one simple check can save you a lot of money, after all why would any good seller not put their full contact details on their website, especially as it is a legal requirement!