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  • Investment Items.
    Chuck Berry authentic genuine signed autograph book
    A soft back copy of the book 'Mr Rock n Roll' and signed on the inside title page by Chuck Berry in black marker. Not a common signature as he can be very difficult at times and is rarely seen today. A certain signature to rise in value as he is one of the all time legends of Rock and Roll. Book mea..
    Buy Now! £129.95
  • Investment Items.
    George Harrison Beatles genuine authentic signed autograph book.
    A copy of the book Autobiography of a Yogi (1981 12th impression) and clearly signed on the inside in fine black marker by George Harrison to which he has added 'Best wishes from' and two symbols. Book is in excellent condition and also comes with a card from Handmade Films and dated 1987 and sugges..
    Buy Now! £999.95
  • Investment Items.
    APOLLO 13 Jim James Lovell space signed authentic autograph photo
    A 25cm x 20cm photo clearly signed by Jim Lovell in blue marker to which he has added "Houston we have a problem" A fabulous item for any space collector. All our signed items come with our own combined invoice and COA. This has all our own details as well as the details of the item included. Ple..
    Buy Now! £299.95
  • Investment Items.
    Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin genuine signed authentic autograph photo 3
    An 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by Buzz Aldrin in silver marker.  All our signed items come with our own combined invoice and COA. This has all our own details as well as the details of the item included. Please note that orders are based on total value, and not the postage price ..
    Buy Now! £299.95
  • Investment Items.
    Muhammad Ali boxing genuine signed authentic autograph letter
    An original Muhammad Ali letterhead from his home at Berrien Springs, which has been signed by him in blue biro to which he has added "love is the net where hearts are caught like fish" plus a heart and the date. All in his hand. Not common to find one of his quotes on is own letterhead. Centre crea..
    Buy Now! £549.95
  • Investment Items.
    Sebastian Shaw Star Wars Darth Vader genuine signed authentic autograph photo display
    An 10" x 8" photo doube 3D mounted using acid free board to an overal size of 28cm x 44cm, together with a signature on a piece taken from a show program and signed by Sebastian Shaw in ink. A tough signature to find!  Please do not confuse these displays with items off..
    Buy Now! £249.95
  • Investment Items.
    Paul McCartney Peter Blake Klaus Voormann genuine authentic autograph signed FDC.
    A 22cm x 12cm Royal Mail commemorating the National Portrait Gallery and postmarked 2006. Clearly signed by Paul McCartney, Klaus Voormann and Peter Blake who has also added a small heart.  Nice cover clearly signed by Macca and two Beatles associated artists.  All our signed items..
    Buy Now! £599.95
  • Investment Items.
    Alan Shepard Apollo 14 genuine authentic autograph signed photo.
    A 20cm x 25cm photo clearly signed by Alan Shepard in black marker to which he has added his mission. All our signed items come with our own combined invoice and COA. This has all our own details as well as the details of the item included. Please note that orders are based on total value, a..
    Buy Now! £499.95
  • Investment Items.
    Jochen Rindt F1 genuine signed authentic autograph program
    A 22cm x 14cm programe for the Dutch GP at Zandvoort 1966 and clearly signed on the cover by Jochen Rindt in blue biro. Programe is complete with no loose pages, but some pages have various race notations on them. Always a tough signature to find. All our signed items come with our own combi..
    Buy Now! £449.95

If you collect autographs and signed memorabilia or are looking for a gift for someone special, then we are certain you will enjoy browsing our site. We offer many rare and unusual signed photos, autographs and signatures from such great names as Muhammad Ali, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, through to Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong and Charles Dickens.

We are one of the best known dealer names in autographs and signed photos in the UK, having been established for over 20 years! We both buy and sell as a specialist dealer, with items for sale in most categories including historical, TV, sports, celebrity, film, space and astronauts, F1, James Bond, Vintagemusic etc. We also able to value your autographs and signatures and offer true expert authentication for most autographed and signed memorabilia items, and have been featured many times on radio TV and the press. 

•    Full Time Established Dealers for over 20 years

•    Multi Award Winning Autograph Dealer

•    UACC Dealer of the Year 2000

•    UACC Presidents Quality Award Winner 2006

•    AFTAL Dealer of the Year 2011

•    Sports, TV, Film, Historical, Music, Space etc

•    UACC Registered Dealer 179

•    AFTAL Approved Dealer 002

•    ACAF Recommended Dealer 010

•    Full lifetime authenticity COA

Need Help?  then see our help guides, these will be found by checking the 'Free Autograph guides' link in the left hand column. Some are free downloads, including those on safe storage of your signed photos, safe buying on ebay, a guide to Muhammad Ali signatures, and a very usefull guide to the Winston Churchill facsimile letters.

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